Friday, October 22, 2010

A Fleeting Glimpse of “Lunacy”

A woman she is or so she would have like to be categorized as, had she been aware of it.
But she wasn’t.

It was yet another mundane ride to office. Having said that, a fresh new day, does manage to get me all perked up, for no apparent reason what-so-ever. So there I sat in that bus, at my favourite window seat, self-absorbed and snug on a winter morning, as it approached a regular stop on its daily route. Peering out, a glimpse shook me out of my smugness.

A woman disarrayed in literally every sense of the word – unclothed, ‘disoriented’ and in absolute mess, squatted on the pedestrian path. Strake naked, without a shred of cloth on her dirt-coated back (stirring clear of further description), she sat trying to figure out the reason for the furor around her, as the passers-by and the bystanders gaped at her and passed lewd comments on her obliviousness. All of a sudden the world seemed interested in her. Smiling under a confused expression, she seemed to be delighted at the ruckus that these odd clothed creatures were making. Unable to summon up, it had certainly caught her interest initially and she even seemed to welcome this blatant onslaught of curse and mockery. But it was fast wearing off. Soon she too was pointing fingers, cursing and murmuring... may be to silence them, but to no avail...and that was all that I saw before my bus pulled out of the stop and the mêlée faded away.

Onwards from here, only one question remained. Seriously? Isn’t there any sense left in us humans, any more than to derive mean pleasure from a mentally ill person’s oddity?

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