Monday, July 6, 2009

Can’t Fight This Feeling..

I can never contain it…this immense longing for rain. That feeling…a heart full of some never decipherable emotions.. waiting to burst out. Crazy as it may sound, but even the barely credible metrological department’s ‘No Rain Today’ predictions fail to curb it. The smallest splotch of dark cloud in the sky sets my hope racing. “Rain. Let it rain. Please please let it rain”. Never does my secular self display such devout pleas as on one such day.

There is something about the gentle drizzle on the street and the dark sky. I can’t help; but hold out my palm, to enjoy the most beautiful thing that God created. Rain! I pine for the feeling of rain drops falling on my face…then opening my mouth and containing as many drops as possible. The joy of touching and bursting the bubbles left behind by a droplet that has just been engulfed by a puddle is unmatched. Even as the cool breeze soothes out the summer woes, the thunderbolts break open the walls that I’ve made around myself, to ward off pain. Here I am at my vulnerable best…as the rain drenches me in a sense of solitude no matter how crowded the street. Almost a sadistic pleasure…it becomes a reminiscence of all that is now gone…opportunities lost, people left behind… days that were and dreams unrealized.

The leaves are wet and washed in a rich shade, as the drops roll and drip off their tips. I now am aware of a yearning, a pain that’s deep within...I want to melt and flow with the drops that fall on me... to subside with them into the soil…into neverness. Not wanting it to end, a wish escapes my lips... "Rain, reign on."

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